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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Zippy and Gaft Girl save the environment!

In an effort to do our part to save the environment, reduce our consumption of fossil fuels, and prevent global warming, we have been using compact florescent bulbs. Which can't be tossed in the trash when they burn out, they have to be recycled. Zippy has been putting the burned out bulbs back into the box to bring to a recycling facility at a later date. Later date has yet to occur and every time I look at the box I think we still have 4 light bulbs left. (side note: aren't these ridiculously overpriced light bulbs supposed to last 5 years? Because ours have lasted less than 2 years)

Although there were 4 light bulbs in the box when our second of two vanity lights burned out, there were no WORKING replacement bulbs in the house. Big difference. Being the McGuyver that I am, I borrowed Zippy's work light from the garage.

Its kind of like pee-ing while being interrogated. The boy thinks its great.

Thursday, April 16, 2009


There is nothing like taking a nap on the cat to cure what ails you.

Rudy was taking her afternoon nap on my lap as I was vainly hoping to join her in the nap. She rolled over and snuggled into Wili for her pillow. I asked Baba to get the camera off the hutch. He grabbed it and held it up in triumph. Held it up upside down, of course. The camera obeyed the law of gravity.
He picked it up and said, "I'm okay, Mom!" He ran over and sort of tossed it in my generally direction. The camera met the floor again. But, luckily, it wasn't damaged. At least not that I'm aware of.

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

The Jedi at our house is a stinker

Baba has an imaginary friend who is a Jedi Knight. Baba was jumping around the living room, he stopped, and said, "Mom, my pretend friend is a little stinker."

I thought he was going to blame his pretend friend on the current "explosion in a toy factory" decorating scheme. I said, "why is your friend a stinker?"

Baba said, "Because I keep trying to give him a hug and he keeps jumping away."

He then resumed jumped around the living room, hugging himself, saying, "get back here, you little stinker."