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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

What a downer!

I was so looking forward to balancing the checkbook tonight and my statement isn't ready. I really wanted to balancing the checkbook. What a bummer.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Baba Learns About Gravity

We went to the cabin last weekend. The boy loves water. He didn't care that it was raining when we got there, he still wanted to be in the water (since he was going to get wet anyway and I didn't have to be out with him, I had no objections to Pa taking him out in the rain). The rain finally stopped and we got to play in the lake. Yeah!

The boy decided he was going to jump off the end of the dock. He decided not to tell anyone. Although he had a lifejacket on, that darn gravity pulled him under. He didn't like it because water went up his nose, but he was going to try again later.

We figured he would be done for the night. It was pretty late when he took his dip so we headed up to the cabin. When he heard we were going in, he was unhappy. He wanted to go tubing. That child has no fear.

Friday, July 18, 2008

The Captains: Hook vs Morgan

I brought the children to the liquor store today (I am such a good Mom!) because we are going to the cabin this weekend and we needed vodka. I put the children in the cart and drove right to the Karkov and headed for the door.


Yeah, 2 kids and I get carded. How come the only time I didn't get carded was when I was in college and drinking while not quite of age.

But, on the way out, Baba saw a bottle of Captain Morgan. He asked if that was Captain Hook. I said, "No, that's Captain Hook's cousin, Captain Morgan."

While I was mixing the Peppermintini bucket, Baba asked what it was.

I said, "It's a drink."
Baba said, "I like drinks."
I said, "It's a drink for big people."
Baba said, "I'm a big boy named Baba."
I said, "It's a drink for big people who are 21 or who have a fake I.D. saying they are 21. Are you 21 or do you have a fake I.D.?"
Baba said, "No."
I said, "Then you can't have any."

Rudy didn't even ask for some. If I can't pass for 21, she can't pass for 21.

Monday, July 14, 2008

The Boy on why Pa hunts.....

Baba: Look Mom! We have two rolls of duct tape.

Me: (half paying attention while trying to get the squirming 3 year old and the screaming baby into the car) That's good news.

Baba: That's why Pa goes hunting, to kill ducks to make duct tape.

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Da Plane! Da Plane!

While waiting for Curious George to come on this afternoon, we caught the tail end of the purple monster (Barney - the boys name for him, not mine. Usually Baba screams whenever Barney dares prance across his TV, thus the monster). The unbelievably obnoxious Barney brats had built a airplane out of boxes. Guess what we did this afternoon?

The boy wanted to fly with his sister to his McDonalds (the one with the truck in the play-place), but Zippy and I couldn't come because his plane was too little for all of us to fit. Rudy played along for a few minutes. She's a good sport.
He wouldn't stop begging for propellers, so they got added right before bedtime.
Now he needs a real engine - he doesn't want to pretend fly. If you give a mouse a cookie......