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Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Da Plane! Da Plane!

While waiting for Curious George to come on this afternoon, we caught the tail end of the purple monster (Barney - the boys name for him, not mine. Usually Baba screams whenever Barney dares prance across his TV, thus the monster). The unbelievably obnoxious Barney brats had built a airplane out of boxes. Guess what we did this afternoon?

The boy wanted to fly with his sister to his McDonalds (the one with the truck in the play-place), but Zippy and I couldn't come because his plane was too little for all of us to fit. Rudy played along for a few minutes. She's a good sport.
He wouldn't stop begging for propellers, so they got added right before bedtime.
Now he needs a real engine - he doesn't want to pretend fly. If you give a mouse a cookie......

1 comment:

zenniezou said...

I'm sure Rudy (or should it be Zudy) was thrilled to go to McDonalds. Did she get a cheeseburger and fries? Seems like Zosh is capable enough to watch her while you come to work with me?!?!