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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Post Number 150

Two storms in just over a week! How unfair is that? Especially considering I am going to be driving to Cleveland this weekend and Zippy is going to be driving to Montana. Keep your fingers, toes, eyes, what have you crossed that they are wrong and we get no snow!

Sunday, February 25, 2007

The Whole Family

Back row: Little Ditty, Ziz, Poonch II
Front Row: Poopie la Squirt, Momby, Zippy, and me.
Baby row: Baba, Zicah
Aren't we a cute family? Do you think anyone would suspect that Ziz is my parents adopted daughter and Zicah isn't Zippy and my baby?

Monday, February 19, 2007

You are getting sleepy.....

I am beyond tired. I have been dozing off at my desk at work all day. But it was worth it.

Friday, February 16, 2007


Since I have nothing better to do this weekend, I am driving to Cleveland. Its only 14 hours one way. I will be bringing home my sista and her son. It will be a crowded, fun, couple weeks. Hooray for friends!

Thursday, February 15, 2007


I got my Grandma's Marathon confirmation card in the mail yesterday. I am number 1072. I also got a sinus infection which prevented me from running last night and probably will prevent me from running tonight. I think chasing after Baba has to count towards something.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Grandpa D

I was never very close to my dad's dad. Grandpa D was a tough, gruff guy who I always knew as a crabby old scary man. We lived over an hour away from where they live and my father never wanted to spend any time with them so my sister and I never really got to know him or my Grandma D.

A couple weeks before Grandpa D passed away, I called him and spoke with him for a long time. I had never talked with Grandpa D on the phone before. The conversation was very strange - he talked about getting old and how much he had seen and how happy he was with his children and his grandchildren. Before he hung up, he said he loved me. Three very little words that I had never heard from him before.

Tomorrow I start training for Grandma's Marathon in June. I want to run a marathon for several reasons, but mostly to prove that I can do it. My mom finally accepted that I am going to run (I can't really figure out what her opposition is to the thought of me running 26.2 miles). She told me that Grandpa D would be very proud of me and that he would watch me run while I was playing as a kid and always said I would be a long distance runner. She said that he would be watching me run the marathon and cheering me on. I'm counting on him carrying me through a couple miles.

I'm sorry that I didn't know him well. There is really no excuse for it. I was 21 when he died - plenty of time to get to know him, but I never did. Partly because I thought my dad would be angry if I wanted to spend time with his parents and partly because he was crabby and wasn't always a lot of fun to be around. I do feel like he is watching over me sometimes. I picture him sitting where ever he is, petting our old dog Max. He used to love to pet Max. Whenever he would come over the hair would fall of the dog in piles. I really wish I would have known him.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Drive Trucks?

Zippy and I both enjoy video games. And I've been looking forward to the day where I can play video games with Baba (and kick his butt, of course), but I've often wondered how young will we be able to get him addicted.

Turns out 1 year and 11 months is the answer. Zippy spent an hour this afternoon teaching Baba how to drive trucks on Midtown Madness. Now if I could just teach Baba to play Lego Star Wars with me.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

More ride!

Since it was about 8000 degrees below zero yesterday, we met my parental units, my sister, and Poonch II at the Park at MOA to ride the rides. I haven't ridden any of the rides at the park since it opened and much to my delight found I had a blast yesterday.

Unsure if Baba would like the rides or be scared, we bought him three points to ride the choo-choos.

He never smiled the entire time we were riding, but once we stopped, he said, "More choo-choos." I went and bought him an unlimited ride wrist band and my dad took Baba on every ride he wanted to go on (The Park has the coolest policy ever - if your kid is too small to ride by themselves, the required chaperone rides for free).

On no ride did he crack a smile or laugh, but as soon as the ride was over, he would say, "More!"

Timberland Twister is my favorite roller coaster ever. Yesterday was so much fun! We are considering investing in season passes for all of us.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Happy February!!

Where did January go?