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Sunday, February 04, 2007

More ride!

Since it was about 8000 degrees below zero yesterday, we met my parental units, my sister, and Poonch II at the Park at MOA to ride the rides. I haven't ridden any of the rides at the park since it opened and much to my delight found I had a blast yesterday.

Unsure if Baba would like the rides or be scared, we bought him three points to ride the choo-choos.

He never smiled the entire time we were riding, but once we stopped, he said, "More choo-choos." I went and bought him an unlimited ride wrist band and my dad took Baba on every ride he wanted to go on (The Park has the coolest policy ever - if your kid is too small to ride by themselves, the required chaperone rides for free).

On no ride did he crack a smile or laugh, but as soon as the ride was over, he would say, "More!"

Timberland Twister is my favorite roller coaster ever. Yesterday was so much fun! We are considering investing in season passes for all of us.

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