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Thursday, September 22, 2011


Monday was Talk Like a Pirate Day. We did more than talk like a pirate - we were pirates. Arrr, me hearties. There was a lot of walking the plank and even more bad pirate jokes.
What's a pirate's favorite state?
Arrrr-kansas (its Kansas for pirates)
What's a pirates favorite vegetable?

What's a pirates favorite sea?
The arrr-tic.

And so on. Thankfully the kiddos, I mean, pirates, were bored with being in costume before we left for Target. Although, I've taken superheroes to Target, so I guess pirates would be allowed at Target, too.

I need to find more holidays that involve dressing up.

Gym Class

They can do this for hours!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Cause and Effect

This weeks book is "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie" so we are working on cookies (delicious and educational) and cause and effect. Like:

If you decide to homeschool your kids

your groceries will probably get eaten before they get put away.

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Off to the Kitchen Table (School)!

Going "back to school" involved the following: sleeping in (until 8:30 which is somewhat of a miracle in this house), doing long awaited school work in our PJ's around the kitchen table (Baba has been BEGGING to do school since we started summer break) and the requisite first day of school picture for posterity. Rudy started what she calls Princess Preschool which mostly involves a lot of coloring and pretending to read and write like her big brother who is in his second year at Scooby Doo Elementary. Guess who named the school? Not me! Panthalassa slept through the adventures.

Funny thing about that first day of school picture. When school is around the kitchen table EVERYONE does school. Including the cat. So everyone had to be in the picture. Including the cat. Mister Wili insisted on walking in front of the camera several times and making the kids laugh hysterically.


At least the kids thought it was funny and perhaps if I photo-shop the pictures together. Of course that would entail learning to photo-shop. Hmmm. Maybe Baba can learn photo-shop next week at Scooby Doo Elementary.