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Friday, July 18, 2008

The Captains: Hook vs Morgan

I brought the children to the liquor store today (I am such a good Mom!) because we are going to the cabin this weekend and we needed vodka. I put the children in the cart and drove right to the Karkov and headed for the door.


Yeah, 2 kids and I get carded. How come the only time I didn't get carded was when I was in college and drinking while not quite of age.

But, on the way out, Baba saw a bottle of Captain Morgan. He asked if that was Captain Hook. I said, "No, that's Captain Hook's cousin, Captain Morgan."

While I was mixing the Peppermintini bucket, Baba asked what it was.

I said, "It's a drink."
Baba said, "I like drinks."
I said, "It's a drink for big people."
Baba said, "I'm a big boy named Baba."
I said, "It's a drink for big people who are 21 or who have a fake I.D. saying they are 21. Are you 21 or do you have a fake I.D.?"
Baba said, "No."
I said, "Then you can't have any."

Rudy didn't even ask for some. If I can't pass for 21, she can't pass for 21.

1 comment:

zenniezou said...

Zosh is so freekin' funny. This story makes me laugh. He says the funniest and cutest things. And theymake perfect, logical sense.

When you hit, um, how old I am- you will be flattered to be carded. I don't get carded anymore. That's when you know you are OLD.