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Monday, June 25, 2007

Baba's New House

Baba's new house is most excellent. It is complete with a roar room.

And Ziz and Zicah have their own room. Hooray! No more sleeping on the coach for Ziz. She has her own bed.

But, the best part is we have our very own pool, albeit a blow up one. Yeah, we've got it made. Our pool has a sprinkler and looks like a frog. Unfortunately the sprinkler is in the frogs mouth so, in a way, we are swimming in frog drool.

PS Why is our new car "New Dad's Car" and the house "Baba's New House?" Why is there a new house, but not a new car? Why is there a new Dad, but not a new Baba?


zenniezou said...

Do you get to go in the pool, too?

Gaft Girl said...

of course. Right after Baba poured a pitcher of water on my head. I was wet so why not?