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Sunday, August 12, 2007

In a van down by the river....

We went to visit the Mighty Mississippi a couple weeks ago on the way to my aunts house. Baba started screaming, "Baba get out car now. Baba want to walk!" And since he has mastered the doors in Mom's car we took his threats seriously and stopped the car at a park.

Zippy would have been perfectly content viewing the river from afar. Baba and I wanted to get up close and personal with the river (and on the climb up I almost stepped on the dead fish that we had been discussing the smell of since we climbed down the bank to the river).

Baba wasn't content to just look at the river. We had to draw in the sand. Guess what we drew? What's that you say, tractors and wagons? Ding, ding, ding. You are the winner. Baba's tractors and wagons look more like squiggly lines to me, but I'll let it slide. He is only 29 months.

Ever since we moved to Baba's new house by the pond, Baba has been obsessed with fishing (it fits right in between his obsession with going to Ma and Pa's house, tractors, and trucks). So, Baba found a stick by the river and proceeded to "fish". We caught no fish.

The highlight of the journey down to the river (besides the dead fish, of course). Was the airplane that Baba spotted. I'm still not sure how he saw it. I believe the plane was a couple feet below orbit.

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zenniezou said...

He didn't catch any fish with a stick? I was just cursing fishing today because I went to the grocery store in zickyzou's car and I bought a ton of gorceries. His trunk is filled with undeployed airbags (because everyone should have 8-10 undeployed airbags in their trunk, right?) and so I usually throw the groceries in the backseat when I have to take his car. But today his backseat was filled with fishing rods and reels and tackle boxes. Send Zosh over here, ZickyZou will take him fishing. I was quite cranky. I am not a fisherperson.