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Friday, November 23, 2007

I wish I would have had a camera....

My poor little neglected blog.

Tonight, Zippy and I took the boy out to a neighborhood Chinese food buffet. The food was most excellent, thanks for asking. The boy wanted to try everything. And I mean everything. He tried crab Rangoon, beef with broccoli, sesame chicken, Peking chicken, stuffed mushrooms, lo mien (his favorite), and all the other dishes that were there. He out ate Zippy and almost out ate me (what can I say? I'm eating for two). I ate so much that I had to call my mom and make sure she fed him while he was at her house (she did, and surprise, surprise, he ate a ton there, too).

Some of the other parents were amazed at my child's lack of pickiness. I just shrug my shoulders. I don't know why he is willing to try everything, but I'm not taking credit for it. The way the belly baby is acting, there is going to be a lot of food that it won't eat. I love broccoli, but since getting preggers, the thought of it is enough to make me yack.

When I walked in (I was meeting Zippy and Baba there; I came right from work), I was looking around trying to find my boys. The little Chinese greeter lady saw me and walked over.

Greeter lady: You looking for someone?
Me: Yes (looking around).
GL: You sit there.
Me: (looking there) I don't know those people.
GL: You sit there (pointing at a different table).
Me: I don't know those people, either.
GL: I find table for you.
Me: That's okay. I'll wait by the door.

I promptly called Zippy and told him to hurry up or I'd be eating with some random people.

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zenniezou said...

What's wrong with eating with some random people? That would be kind of fun.