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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

An Open letter to the Neighbor....

Dear Ziz's Nemesis,

What on earth are you still running your air conditioner? You were running it that night it got down to 50. Why? And, please stop abandoning your dog in your front yard. He barks. A lot.

Oh, and when my child says, "Hi neighbor!" please don't glare at him. He's three not sixteen. He's not selling anything, he just wants to be polite and say hi.


Your Zeighbor

And a letter to the makers of Zullzrog sunscreen:

Dear Zullzrog,

I bought your sunscreen this year. Despite it being a BOGO and double coupon day it was a waste of money (I paid just over $4 for 2 things of sunscreen). I applied your SPF 45 thrice on Sunday and am doing a fine imitation of lobster girl.


Your Zunburned Zriend

1 comment:

zenniezou said...

Dear ZarahZou,

I am still running my air conditioner. I tried to shut it off and my downstairs got up to 81degrees. I have it set at 75 and it still comes on 5+ times a day. I heart my air conditioner. I don't have a dog to abandon. And if I did, it wouldn't bark.

I'm sorry your sunburned. You might feel better if you turned on your air conditioning. ;)