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Saturday, June 05, 2010

If Baba had a million dollars

Zippy and I took Baba to the Saints game last Saturday night. On the way to the game, we stopped at a gas station to get a lottery ticket (the powerball was up to $200 million - I could get a lot of pedi's for $200 million). Baba asked what a lottery ticket was (we buy them all the time, can't you tell?) and I told him its a game for big people - you give the game a dollar, you pick 6 numbers (I think, again, we don't do this often) and if you match all the numbers you win a lot of money. I asked him what he would do if we won the lottery.

He thought for half a second and said, "Take my sister shoe shopping."

I love that kid.


Lindsay said...

Like like like!

zenniezou said...

I heart Josh. Will he take me shoe shopping, too?