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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

A Real Conversation

Baba: No bark.

Me: You got it little dude.

Baba: Dude?

Me: Yup, Baba is my little dude.

Baba: Dude! Dude! Dude! (Runs across the room to where Sami has resumed her favorite activity-barking at her reflection in the fire place glass) No barking dude!

I love toddlers! If I didn't have to go through that whole first year, I would probably have about fifteen kids.

1 comment:

zenniezou said...

Maybe we can work something out. I love babies, they are so much fun. But toddlers ask too many questions and make too big of a mess. They need constant attention. I'll take the first year, you can have 2-4, and we'll split the early school years and you can have the teenager if it's a girl.