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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

So little to do, so much time....

Scratch that. Reverse that. I love Sami. I am ridiculously happy I have a puppy, but since she came home, I haven't had a moment to myself.

I've been walking her in the evenings, which got me thinking. Why can't I run at night? Sure, I prefer running in the mornings, but running with a small child and a small puppy isn't realistic (yet, I have plans in the works for that issue). So tonight I went for run with Sami.

We didn't run as far as I usually did, but she is just a puppy. And I've discovered that a dog makes the best running partner ever. She is perfectly content to trot along side of me wagging her tail. Plus, she every time she stops to do her business, I get a little break.

Since I started seriously running (how serious? Well, I sent in my application and money to run Grandma's Marathon in June), I've made a very interesting discovery. Despite the fact that it is colder than a witches' tit, there truly are very few days, even in Minnesota, in the winter, that I can't run outside. Grandma's Marathon, here I come! But first, wonderfully soft bed, here I come!

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