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Sunday, April 08, 2007

Thank you, Easter Bunny. Awk. Awk.

Every year, after the Valentine's stuff goes on sale, I start watching for my favorite candy in the whole wide world, Cadbury Eggs, to make their appearance.

I love Cadbury Eggs. I love the chocolate shell and the frosting inside. I always bite off the top and then suck out the frosting. Yum. I hardly care that they are terrible for me - 180 calories and 8 grams of fat, they are just so darn good.

Is it hypocritical that we, I mean the Easter Bunny, bought the boy almost no candy? He got a new Thomas video, some clothes, several cars, and a box of fruit snacks. Its not that we didn't buy any candy, its just that I ate it instead of forcing my child to ingest all of those empty calories. I am a candy martyr.

PS Last night when Zippy and I were pretending to be the Easter Bunya, we were hopping around like bunnies. It was great fun. (I am debating whether or not I should mention when were being bunnies before we started drinking).

PSS Why, Blogger? Why? Why can't I use "!" in my tittle? "Thank you, Easter Bunya. Awk. Awk." just doesn't have the feeling that "Thank you, Easter Bunya! Awk! Awk!" did.

PSSS Easter is supposed to be the celebration of that dude that rose from the dead (like a zombie?), so why do we hunt eggs that a bunny has laid all over our dwelling and eat candy until we are in a sugar coma?


zenniezou said...

I don't really like cadbury eggs, but I will eat them because I love candy, especially chocolate. Here are some !!!'s for you:!!!!!!!!!!!

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