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Thursday, November 02, 2006

100th Post Extravaganza

This started off with a little, tiny, baby thought, "Hey, I could blog." If I survived my first year of being a mother I can do anything. So I thought about it for a while, did my research, and discovered a glorious, time consuming community full of women like myself.

I took a deep breath and created a new blog. I inspired ZennieZou to do the same. It is so much easier to type for a few minutes and hit 'publish post' than write in my journal everyday. My journal, by the way, feels neglected and dust covered. My computer does not.

There are a million things to write about and I always want to publish one more thing, tell one more story, or post one more picture of a certain Baba.

I am very thankful to my loyal fan (Thank you ZennieZou!), and my frequent readers (Zippy, Ditty, and whoever else is lurking out there), and I'm confident within the next 100 or so posts my blog will take off like Baba avoiding getting dressed after his bath!

I probably just wasted 100 or so words that could have been used towards my novel. That's it. I'm copying and pasting all my blogs into a word doc and my novel is done! Just kidding, I am at 2,830 words and avoiding increasing my total very nicely, thank you.

1 comment:

zenniezou said...

CONGRATULATIONS on your 100th blog-post! That means I've read 100! Wow.

2830 words! I am still stuck back at about 830 because I got side tracked by work. Plus my plot is not really going where I want it to go. It is not matching the picture in my head. But, the goal was to finish, not write a best-seller, so I better get to work on it.