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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Hockey, Hockey, Hockey

Zippy and I went to the Wild vs. San Jose Sharks game last night. Pretty much my boys STUNK!!!! There was no fights (um, what is the point of going to a hockey game if there are no fights?), but lots of penalties (all minors/no majors). But, it was fun.

First, I got to leave work early (which may have been the highlight of my day) to get ready for the game. My boss said to leave and I'm not strong enough to say no. So I went grocery shopping, spent just over $16 on $48 worth of groceries. Man, I'm good.

Then I went home and showered. Poonch II came and we left him and Baba to hunt the Wili. Zippy and I stopped at BK for supper (what can I say!? When we go out, we go all out) because if you bought a value meal (for Zippy) a happy meal (the perfect amount of food) was only 99 cents. And someone (Zippy) had to get one of the BK King Xbox games.

The Xcel was pretty amazing. Our seats were awesome - 15th row! The two minutes where San Jose had a 5 on 3 power play were awesome. The goal we scored 2 minutes into the game was awesome. The rest of the game. Eh. But, Manny wasn't looking good and Gabby is injuried so what can you do?

There was really annoying kid sitting next to us. He kept hitting me with his pom-poms and he kept swearing. He looked about 10. If, when Baba is 10, he swears, we are going to have problems. This kid thought that every time the Wild hit the puck it was necessary to yell, "Nice shot!" The Wild had 12 shots on goal all night, which means they had 12 "nice shots" not 9,257.

But still, I love hockey and can't wait until Baba is old enough to play. I'm thinking about joining a women's hockey league. I wonder if I can fight and what the league record for penalty minutes is.

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zenniezou said...

I really, really want to be able to understand why people are fascinated with hockey, but I just don't get it.