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Thursday, November 23, 2006

Gobble, gobble!

My family is all about tradition. There is the tradition of laying under the Christmas tree and singing (yelling) Christmas carols as loud as we can. There is the tradition of my mother never putting our names on our Christmas presents, only a code (one year Ditty was all prime numbers and I was numbers that weren't prime, etc).

We also like to play "fun" games. Ditty started a "fun" game where you put a deck of cards into four piles, cout to three, and then everyone grabs a pile. Lots of fun. There is also Bing-offs. Which is really an abbreviated version of BINGO. You play until one spot on your card is covered.

But now we have a new fun game and tradition. Its called bend over and play catch between your legs until the boy laughs. Then when he doesn't think that is funny any more, you fall over. It's really quite enjoyable. Happy Thanksgiving!

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