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Saturday, March 24, 2007

A is for Australia, Austin, Abbuwa, Apples, Aunts, Aardvarks, and Anteaters.

The forecast for tomorrow was not so promising, so I ran 9 whole miles today. Despite the fact that I had walked around at the outlet mall (it had been some time since I had been there, I now remember why) and ate pizza for lunch.

About halfway through I got bored. Really bored. I wasn't into my music - I had been listening to it for over an hour and I was running on gravel road - not much excitement there. So I began playing the alphabet game. First time through was a country for every letter, then a city for every letter, then I made up a word for every letter complete with definition and use in a sentence, then something I liked that started for every letter (try to think of something you like that starts with Q - yeah, that's what I thought. Oh crap! I just thought of a good one. Quiet!), and then I had to think of 5 words that started with each letter.

I have probably known my alphabet for 20 or so years now. It is amazing how hard to it is to remember what letter comes after 'K' when you have ran 7 miles and are so tired you probably couldn't remember your address if you needed to.

PS: Why on earthy can no one (Nike, Addias, and Reebok - I'm looking at you here) make a sports bra that keeps the girls from bouncing out of control when you have largish boobs? Why? I don't want to loose an eye while running!


zenniezou said...

I found a really good bra at Lane Bryant. Nothing moves when I wear it, but I also can't breath. Seems like I just can't win.

Demi said...

Well said.