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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Harry Potter and the Annoying Girl's Buttcrack

Tomorrow is Harry Potter day (yes, I realize that it has been out for over 24 hours but so what!? I am too old and tired to see it on a work night). So what is the fascination? Why am I so excited to see this darn movie? I know how it is going to end - I've read the book twice.

I am very much looking forward to spending the evening with my friends Zennie, Zobyn, Zon, Ziz, and Zippy (dang. How is it possible that I know so many people with "Z" names?) and eating popcorn (no butter, please).

Today was the best day at work ever. Big, the annoying girl, was gone! Who cares that several of my installs when to crap and I got yelled at by the DLPM from Toys in Texas (whatevs Rich, you are still my main LP man)? Big was gone. I could hear myself think. I saw no boobs or buttcracks. And, when I was on the phone, I could hear the person I was talking to. It was awesome!!!!!

1 comment:

zenniezou said...

I am impressed that you know so many people with names that start with the letter z. where did you find them all?

The movie was fantastic, even if it was crowded and we couldn't all sit together. I got to sit with someone who likes EXTRA butter on their popcorn. How can it get any better than that???