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Friday, December 15, 2006

Highlights (and Lowlights) of my First Business Trip

Highlight: Asking if we were renting a sports car and then my boss saying we were renting four sports cars and we were racing.
Lowlight: Seeing our actual rental (a car that was a heck of a lot nicer than mine) and being told that even if we did rent sport cars I couldn't drive because I am not 25 (yet).
Highlight: Ordering appetizers, entree, dessert, and drinks because the company was picking up the tab.
Lowlight: Eating a ton of food and feeling sick every night.
Highlight: Realizing that my boss and her boss are really great people.
Lowlight: Realizing that my current position is going to be kind of boring and I am totally overqualified.
Highlight: Working out on my business trip (double, no triple extra credit for this. Every mile I ran in Jersey is like 3 Minnesota miles).
Lowlight: Sitting in the Philly airport for five hours because of fog delays.
Highlight: Taking off and getting above the fog. Philly looked magical - the skyscrapers rose above the fog. You could only see the tops of the buildings. The fog was glowing from the lights underneath.
Lowlight: Turbulance. Lots and lots of turbulance.
Highlight: Stopping at Wawa's and getting a Wawa water.
Double highlight: My boss telling me that I could write down that I worked 32 hours while we were in Jersey (in reality I probably actually worked 4 or 5 hours. Maybe).
Lowlight: The toilet in my hotel room ran constantly.
Highlight: Picking out what treasures to bring to ZennieZou, my treat.
Highlight: Waving to the Vorhees, New Jersey 6 times.
Highlight: Coming home to a clean house (not a test, but Zippy is definetly a keeper).
Highlight: Zippy keeping Baba up last night so I could see him before he went to bed.
Highlight: Getting a $10 food voucher for sitting in the last row of the airplane.
Highlight: Getting paid for working 41 hours this week when I didn't even work close to that.
Lowlight: There is a chance I may have to go to Jersey again in January.
Highlight: Working on my Jersey accent (ohmygawd!).
Highlight: Getting home!!!!!

1 comment:

zenniezou said...

It sounds like you had an exciting trip. I appreciate the "my treats". You probably can't understand how excited I am to have a new shower cap. For real. I love treats.

Welcome home!!