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Monday, December 04, 2006

Now That's Good Eating

I've often mentioned how much Baba eats. He has always been a big fan of eating anything and everything. When I was breast-feeding he usually ate every hour, every two hours if I was lucky. Yeah. That was a long seven months. When we started him on solid foods, he loved rice cereal so much, we were going through 2 to 3 boxes a week. And that stuff ain't cheap! So we switched him to toast. He would gum two pieces of toast for breakfast every morning. And then be ready for a snack a few hours later.

Now for breakfast he has 10 to 15 mini pancakes or a waffle, depending on what is in the freezer. Then he has a bowl of cereal and a glass of cranberry juice. He usually asks for "mere" on the way out the door, so I make a piece of toast or another waffle to go.

When he gets to daycare, he either has another breakfast or a snack. All of his reports for meal/snack time say "ate well." Once, he didn't eat well so our daycare lady took his temperature because he thought he was sick.

His palate has matured in his old age, the only things he doesn't like are raw onions (eww!) and grapefruit. That's it. Everything else you put in front of him he'll eat with gusto and then ask for more (mere).

The only problem we have now, besides the fact that he out eats me on a regular basis, is his constant desire to share whatever he is eating with Wili, his cows, his tractors, and anything else that happens to be around. Let me tell you there is nothing tastier than food that has been chewed on, put on the floor for the cat, rejected by the cat, picked up, and offered to you for a taste. Yummy.
But, I guess I can't really complain. He is sharing.

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zenniezou said...

That's a piece of bread! carbs-yummo!