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Sunday, August 06, 2006

Baba vs the Big Boy Bed

In exchange for our crib, which is actually Zippy's brother, Bil's, crib, we got the toddler bed. Or "the big boy bed" as we've been calling it. We've had it for two weeks and we've been telling Baba that he can play on it, sit on it, climb on it, and pretty much do whatever he wants with it EXCEPT sleep on it.

We carried on like this for two weeks. Baba would climb on the bed and proudly sit looking at us and we would say, "That's Baba's Big Boy Bed, but Baba won't be a big boy until Friday so Baba can't sleep in it until Friday." And then we would go play.

Clearly the tension and excitement of the big boy bed was building.

Finally, after much waiting and anticipation (more on our part than anything) Friday (which actually turned out to be Saturday, but its not like Baba knows the difference) came. Zippy followed our normal bath time routine (remove most of the water out of the tub and relocate it to the floor, remind Baba that there are no naked weenies out of the bathroom, put on pj's, and Baba throws a fit to let us know how unhappy he is to be going to bed) and laid him down in the big boy bed and.....

Nothing. He laid down, fell asleep, and we didn't hear a peep out of him all night (well, except the part were we heard a loud crash because he had fallen the 6 inches from the toddler bed to the floor, but he didn't wake up. Zippy just lifted him back into bed and that was that). I thought it was going to be an uphill battle full of sleepless nights involving Baba joyfully playing in his room instead of sleeping, he is free to escape his bed at his little heart's desire.

I fear the fallout is coming.

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