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Thursday, August 10, 2006

I've Got a Sinking Feeling

Our house is sinking. Literally. I guess technically our whole house isn't sinking, just the slab that our walls and second story rest upon. There. I feel much better.

This is our bathroom. You can see under the wall (always a good sign) into the utility room.

This is in our kitchen. Our fridge, she leans. And the cupboard next to it has been lifted off the
floor. I feel like I need a V-8.

At least we will have no problem when we want to sell our house. A sinking slab isn't that big of a deal and I think it does a lot for the resale value. Right? Right? Right!???

I should mention that our townhome is less than a year old. We closed last August 26 and moved in on Pork Chop's 21st birthday.

1 comment:

zenniezou said...

Holy (edited to delete multiple bad words)!!! Um, I think you have a problem. Your descriptions did not adequately convey what exactly was happening. That looks dangerous.