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Saturday, August 12, 2006

Girl! I'll call you on my cell phone.

I got a new cell phone. Its a flip phone, the same phone, I believe, that ZennieZou has. I downloaded all the free wallpapers and ring tones that were available (they were free). And now, I have one ring tone and one wallpaper that I have paid for that I can download.

Such tough decisions.

I'm tempted to pick the Yoda or Darth Vader ring tone (it would match the Darth Vader cling in my car, but the breathing is a little creepy) or a Monty Python ringer, but how can I choose between "The Knights Who Say Ni," "Bring Out Your Dead," and "A Witch"? I wanted a song - a little BNL or R. Kelly or Shakira or the list goes on. But I can't decide!

And I spent way too many hours listening to the various ring tones online tonight. But, I suppose the ultimate ring tone choice doesn't really matter all that much. My phone very seldom rings.
But I'm almost sure that I am definitely thinking about going with the Muppets backdrop. Right after I get sick of the free Walk the Line backdrop I downloaded.

1 comment:

zenniezou said...

Where did find free ringtones? I want fun, free ring tones. I am really ready to change the Nirvana one. I wanted to go back to "Pour some sugar on me", but ZickyZou HATES it. My phone only rings once every century, so it's not like he hears it alot, but he still complained about. I WANT FREE RING TONES!!!