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Friday, August 04, 2006

Buttcrack Thirty

Baba has not gotten the message that Momma works late every other Friday so we should sleep in every other Friday (and we wonder why he stopped sleeping through the night on a regular basis. At any rate, since I've been up since buttcrack thirty I have accomplished a lot.

1. Had a nutrious breakfast of generic Fruity Pebbles and milk.
2. Watched the weather on Fox 9.
3. Stopped watching TV because Baba decided a snowstorm was his new favorite show. (He turned the channel to 4, which we don't get and started jumping up and down in excitement for the fuzz we were watching).
4. Started cleaning up the garage sale mess from last weekend.
5. Stopped cleaning up the garage sale mess because Baba had climbed into the stroller (how does he do that?) and was ready to go for a walk.
6. Went for a walk.
7. Played at the park.
8. Have done 2 and a half loads of laundry.
9. Brushed my teeth, twice.
10. Had a snack (Baba had toast and fruit, I had toast and peanut butter).
11. Blogged.
12. Went shopping online but decided against investing in any more clothes. I've got tuition to pay for.

I have accomplished so much today.

I would have rather slept past 5:30.

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