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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Bedtime Stories

We've been reading to Baba since he was born (no, I did not read to him while he was in my belly - kinda thought that was a little weird). We started with the "traditional" choices, picture books, fairy tales, etc.

Baba really likes his picture books during the day - especially the "boo" book (its a Halloween book with kids dressed up in various costumes. He opens each page and says, "boo!" scaring himself) and any book with pictures of animals. At night, we've moved on to meatier fare.

Currently, Zippy is reading "From Earth to Moon," the Apollo program biography. Having read it more than once myself, I can say that it is quite good (I'm a bit of a space cadet myself and love all aspects of space travel - real and imaginary). Next on the bedtime story list: "War and Peace" or "The Complete Works of Shakespeare." Is 17 months too young to understand the subtleties of "Ask of me tomorrow and you shall find me a grave man?"

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