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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Lima Beans

I strongly dislike lima beans. There, I said it. All and all, I'm not much of a bean girl. I have learned to eat black beans, I dislike baked beans, I like green beans. The list of beans I don't like is definitely longer than the list of beans I do like.

That being said, I usually avoid the frozen veggie mix with lima beans. I just pick them out and throw them away anyway, so why waste valuable real estate in the frozen veggie bag with lima beans. Throw some broccoli in and I'm a happy camper. So the bag of veggies with the lima beans that I detest somehow made it into my cart (I blame a certain Baba Goigoi) and made it onto our table for supper tonight.

I tried to be a big girl. I really did. I tried to eat my lima beans without making a face (mustn't scare the boy off beans, you know) and then I noticed that Baba was eating the lima beans and nothing but the lima beans. He paid no attention to the stuffing, chicken, corn, green beans, or carrots on his tray. So I traded him, straight up, his stuffing for my lima beans. Aren't I a good mom?

1 comment:

zenniezou said...

Yeah, blame the baby for the lima bean mix showing up in your cart. Nice! fyi- broccoli is not good for you. People get sick from eating broccoli- I read it on the internet.