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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Who Cares!?

Last night I had DMS orientation (yee-haw, but on the plus I did see the lab where I will pretty much be living for the next two years. Anyone want to come in and get "scanned" so I can practice my skillz?) and I won a T-shirt and a windbreaker.

How did I win a windbreaker? you ask. Well being the generous person I am, I will tell you. I won it by not caring. Bingo! There was a raffle. But since they didn't start the raffle until 7:30 (almost my bedtime), no one was left. They kept pulling ticket after ticket after ticket and no one was there to claim their prize. So the prize patrol decided to ask trivia questions. The head prizateer asked, "Who is the quarterback for the Vikings?" Everyone in the room yelled, "Some dude who I've never heard of," and I yelled, "Who cares!?"

And I won because I was honest. See, honesty pays.

1 comment:

zenniezou said...

I care! I care who the quarterback is. And I especially care who the quarterback isn't. So, you probably should have said "I don't care", because I care.