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Sunday, October 08, 2006


My BFF from 3rd grade, Zhastity (on the left - can you tell that me and my monkey arms took the picture?), was up from Kansas this weekend for a mutual friend, Zyan's, wedding. Zhastity and I went to elementary, middle, and started high school together. The summer after 9th grade her family moved to Kansas, but we kept in touch. She was one of my maids of honor when I got married.

At Zyan's wedding, there were all sorts of Beckerites that I knew in high school, but never really hung out with. I spent more time talking to them last night than I did in 4 years of high school. Its really weird what changes can happen in 6 years and what never changes.

I also saw my friend Ebob at the wedding. I really miss Ebob. He could always make me laugh and helped me survive a horrible senior year of high school. The only time I have ever gotten in a food fight was with Ebob, his car "The Ho-da" (it was a Honda that he scratched the "n" off of) and my car, Eleanore. Pizza, if left too long on your car, will do damage. May Eleanore and The Ho-da rest in peace.

From left to right: Little Ditty, Zhas, and me.

Zhas and I are kind of strange because there are not too many pictures of the two of us together. There is, however, an amazing picture that was taken moments after Zippy and my wedding of the two of us hugging.

My favorite picture, next to the hug, is the three of us playing "doctor" after I got my tonsils out. There is also the picture of the two of us on my grandpa's 3 wheeler a million years ago. I always thought when we grew up we'd be next door neighbors.

Zhas is in and out of my life a lot - that happens when you live so far away. But she's always been there for the important stuff - my wedding, high school graduation, Baba's birth. I'm really glad she was able to come up for the short trip (she got up here Saturday around 1 and left this morning around 8). It was nice to see her. True friendships last forever and friends are only a phone call/email (this is the 2000s!) away.

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