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Sunday, October 29, 2006

Christmas and Pizza

I love Christmas. My Christmas tree goes up the day after Thanksgiving like clockwork. I am almost done Christmas shopping, yet even I question why the Christmas decorations go out in stores with the Halloween decorations.

Put your Halloween decorations and candy on clearance (Okay. Fine. Just candy. I'm not really going to buy any Halloween decorations anyway) and then you can bring out the Christmas stuff. Don't waste valuable floor space with Thanksgiving stuff. I really don't need to decorate for Thanksgiving nor am I going to buy anyone a Thanksgiving card and/or present.

But I will take a cheap turkey. Yum.

We stopped at Nick-N-Willy's pizza today. We normally don't eat out that often; the biggest reason being we are poor. But we stopped today because we were hungry, and we get an extra $2 for Baba's Upromise account (PS, we are the greatest parent's ever. We have $1.32 in college savings thus far. That should maybe buy a pencil when Baba gets to college). Bad idea. The pizza was by far the best pizza I have ever tasted. It was perfect! Lots and lots of toppings and very little cheese. And it was pretty reasonable, price wise. There lunch special (which we ordered two of) was an 8 inch personal pizza and a fountain drink for $4.95. And it wasn't just a cheese pizza, it was any pizza. Yummy and dangerous. But, I guess, since we are saving for Baba's college tuition by eating out we can afford it.

(I'll just forget that we and Baba would be better off if we deposited $10.54 (our total) into his college savings account and ate at home. But still, $2.84 in his college fund and pizza is better than $10.54 in his college fund and no pizza. Right? Right?)

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zenniezou said...

I got dinner from Target tonight. I am not going to say exactly how much I spent on 3 sandwiches, but it was pretty close to my weekly grocery budget. We should have had pizza.