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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Wee Willie Winkie

I'm sure in 10 to 15 years, Baba will be mortified that his mother shared this fact, but we chose not to have Baba circumcised (he'll also probably be angry that I let him use tampon boxes at Target for rattles, but what can you do?). Why? Well, I think it is kind of cruel (would you want your business mutilated?) and I didn't want to subject Baba to a surgery that wasn't medically necessary.

So why am I sharing this? Well, fast-forward 18 months to his 18th month well-baby check.

Dr: Have you noticed anything unusual about Baba's penis?

Me: (thinking - Don't have one, wouldn't recognize unusual or usual anatomy) No, why.

Dr: Well, I can't retract his foreskin and I believe the hole may be too small to allow urine to escape. Tell me, when he urinates is it a steady stream or is it like when you put your thumb on a garden hose?

Me: (thinking - he is still in diapers, for Pete's sake. I don't usually let him run around without one.) I haven't really noticed.

Dr: We'll have to keep an eye on the hole in his foreskin. He made need to be circumcised.

Me: (thinking - Um, ow!)

All of the males I have told that Baba may now need a circumcision have grabbed their business and said "Ow." We have yet to determine if his pee-hole is the proper size or if he'll just grow out of it (into it? I suppose if his business were to shrink, he might be okay).

I had my first anatomy test today; my brain is fried. I did okay (92.5%) on the first part. Not so okay (66.66%) on the second part. Looks like studying the arm and heart again is in my future. But not tonight. Its off to TV and booze.

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