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Sunday, October 15, 2006

Pleasant Pheasant and Gross Grouse

Pheasant season opened yesterday, I only know this because the opening dates of various hunting seasons (grouse, goose, early goose, deer, pheasant, duck, etc) were more important than Christmas day growing up (I believe Christmas is in December sometime?).

Because my parents firmly believe they will implode if they go more than a week without seeing Baba, we headed out to my grandparents farm so they could see Baba and Baba could wear himself out by running around all day.

Worked like a charm. Baba didn't seem to mind the freezing temperatures, he was too busy trying to chase down the "ili's," his word for cat. Why would a poor defenseless little kitty run away from someone like Baba toddling towards him?

Baba is now sleeping peacefully (hooray!) and I am trying to reach $20 worth of picture stuffs so I get free shipping from Who knew spending $20 could be so much work?

Speaking of work, we've been working very hard to get Baba to make our sign for Poonchies - you put your index fingers together and making kissing noises. Moving your fingers against each other obscenely is optional. He is finally getting it down! Our plan is to have him walk to the end of the aisle next summer at Poonch II and Ditty's wedding and make the sign.

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zenniezou said...

He's adorable.