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Monday, October 23, 2006

Blogging or Jogging?

I have always had a real love/hate relationship with running. I both love and hate to run. I love how I feel when I'm running, but I hate being sweaty and out of breath. I love running farther then I've ever run before, even if it is only a couple feet, but I hate how tired I am when I get done running. I love how fast running whips my flabby ass into shape, but I hate actually having to pound the pavement (my knees hate running, too).

Before Baba was born, I used to run a lot. Okay, I'll be honest. Before I got pregnant, I used to run a lot (after I got pregnant my exercise consisted of walking from the couch to the fridge and back and racing to the bathroom to park the tiger, technicolor yawn, vomit, puke, upchuck, spew, etc). After Baba was born, not so much. It is so hard to find the energy to do anything, let alone run.

But, lately, I've been running again. Hooray! And let me tell you, running is all mental. Meaning you have to be mental to run. There is something seriously wrong with me. Yesterday, I wanted to go out in the freezing cold and run my happy self around the block (the block being about a mile or so). And if Baba and Zippy hadn't so generously shared their colds with me, I'd be out running this afternoon instead of blogging.

So why do I run? First and foremost, it kicks my ass. I can feel a difference in my thighs after only a couple trips around the block. Second, I like the peace. The monotony of running gives me time to think. Third, while I'm running I'm not stressing or eating; I'm doing something constructive. Fourth, all the cool kids are doing it. Fifth, if I start running 5k's and other fun runs I'll have a neat collection of free T-shirts.

I wonder which burns more calories, blogging or jogging?

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