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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Before and After

As promised before and after pictures of our casa.

Before our home makeover we had white walls with lots of gouges and nail pops and other fun things. We also had stained up carpet, which the cat and the boy know nothing about.
This is a picture or our dining room walls. I'm not sure why I took it, but apparently I thought it was a neat picture or something.

During the remodeling process we learned a couple things. Number one, our house was more crappily constructed that we originally thought (if the wall jutts out in front of the door, no problem, hammer it back into place. see pic) and number two, moving almost all of your belongings in the garage for a few days does wonders in squelching your desire to move. We can probably live here another year.

And now, the moment you've all (my entire vast readership) have been waiting for, the results. I painted the kitchen a rusty nail red and the dinning room/living room a color called dipped in honey. Our floors are Hemse Oak Stave from IKEA. Pretty much they rock.

Getting rid of the old flooring and other construction waste did not involve me taking a stealth trip to the dumpster down the street in the freezing rain because a certain poopsquirt said that during the monsoon would be a good time to dump the waste because no one would be dumb enough to go out in the rain. He was wrong by the way. There was some punk kid playing in the rain and one of our neighbors was having a party, so I wasn't the only one "dumb" enough to go out in the rain. But I heard that the outstanding citizen that less than legally dumped her garbage in the dumpster used her father's truck so the cops can't possibly trace it back to her. Or him.

The boy and Mister Wili enjoying our new house. Our rug is also from IKEA.

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zenniezou said...

I love your new floors! And the color of your walls Good job! Now you can come over and do mine!