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Monday, September 18, 2006

The wonderful world of color

After the whole house sinking adventure, we finally got our settlement check from our construction company (we opted out of letting them replace the floor - we'll do it ourselves, thank you very much). We are buying laminate from IKEA, which my father, Zippy, Poonch II, and I will be installing this weekend (I will also be leading several lectures in anatomy because I will need to study while laying the flooring).

Zippy and I were discussing yesterday how much easier it would be to paint before the new floors went down. We wouldn't have to worry about spilling on the new laminate, etc, etc, etc. So we've picked out colors "Dipped in Honey" for the living room and part of the dining room and "Rusty Nail" for the kitchen. The actual name of the color escapes me at the moment, but I thought "Rusty Nail" sounded good.

Maybe when I grow up, I should be a paint color namer. Rusty Nail. Pus Green. Vomitous Yellow. Period Red. Bruise Purple. Something to think about anyway.

So guess who will be painting the living room, dining room, and kitchen on Wednesday....

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