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Saturday, September 23, 2006


Wow, let me tell you, wow. Today Poonch II, Zippy, Poopsquirt, and myself installed our new IKEA laminate floors downstairs. They look amazing and we did the whole thing for $600. Plus, we overestimated on fiberboard and flooring so we returned some stuff this evening and IKEA gave us $88 back. Which, since we had already spent the money, was free money. We bought two new rugs.

The other amazing part of the day is discovering how crappily our house was built. Sheetrock overhanging the door frame because you didn't measure? Bash it in with a hammer and cover it with trim, no one will ever know. No time to level or check the plumbness of the wall? No problem! Eyeball it. Cement settled weird on the slab? Why worry? Patch it with quick dry, who's going to see it?

Needless to say we will not be choosing this builder in the future. Pictures of our fanastic new house (a downstairs makeover is practically new, right?) to come soon.

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