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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

My helper boys and cross-dressing son

Tonight while I was getting ready to paint tomorrow, guess what my boys were doing?

Yeah, they were supervising.

After class today, Zerica, one of the girls in the program with me, and I went to IKEA to pick up our flooring. She asked me what I was doing between class and lab and I said going to IKEA. She thought it sounded like fun to ride along, so she did. I needed 16 boxes of Hemse Oak Stave flooring and 16 boxes I did get.

Who would have thought 16 boxes of laminate could take up so much room? Of course, they didn't fit in my truck because my truck was too skinny (Why didn't my husband say something like, "Take my car when you get the flooring, it should go in easier in my car?" Oh wait. He did). So plan B was to wedge it in my back seat. Zerica had to sit with her knees around her neck on the way back to campus because her seat was all the way to the front. It was pretty funny. She probably won't be my friend any more. At least I've got my lunch date with ZennieZou (as soon as we decide on a date, of course) to look forward to.

I was spot-priming the walls tonight and Zippy told me to come quick and bring the camera. I walked into our bedroom and this is what I saw:

I'm pretty liberal, so I'm not too worried. And anyone who is that proud of his milk-belly deserves to strut around in Strawberry Shortcake slippers. And, as the poopsquirt says, "Pink is a boy color, blue is a girl color."

1 comment:

zenniezou said...

The picture with the slippers is so very cute.

I would still be your friend even if you made me sit with my knees jamming into my throat. Who else, after all, would be able to figure out Zerica's real name???