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Thursday, September 07, 2006

Mount Kitty

One of the best purchases I ever made was a cat tree for Mister Wili. We bought it as a Christmas present for our furry baby 3 years ago and since then, she has spent countless hours sitting on the top perch watching the world go by and chattering at various birds and other fauna. I never dreamed it would become Baba's favorite toy. I believe I have mentioned that Baba likes to climb, a lot. He is very adept at stacking various things (couch cushions, toys, rocking chairs, etc) in front of the window in order to climb up and get a better view and saw the cat tree as the perfect ladder. It took a few tries before he was able to scale Mount Kitty, but he was not afraid of the danger he was facing.What an honor to be the first man, woman, and/or child to scale Mount Kitty. The glory was too much to pass up.
Eventually, success. Baba GoiGoi goes down in the history book as the first human ever to reach the summit of Mount Kitty and the Mister Wili is left to sulk under the bed because there truly is no place left where she can sleep in peace away from the boy.
Another "Wictory"!

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