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Monday, July 10, 2006

And we didn't even comandeer a ship!

I'm back from the cabin. Sunburned and sore, but back. SPF 50, what a joke! I did learn a valuable lesson this weekend. SPF 50 just doesn't cut it. My cousin, Anna, uses baby oil and is pictured on the left, soaking up the rays and turning a nice golden brown. I, on the other hand, spend the day hiding from the sun and I still turn into "lobster girl!" Lobster Girl's cape (the smashing blue and green stripped towel pictured on the right) were not enough to shield my skin from the intense Minnesota rays.

But, I still had a great time and spending time at the cabin was much better than working. I get to return to that reality tomorrow. I can't hardly wait.

Saturday morning, we got up with Baba and drove the two hours to the cabin. Baba raced to the lake. And would have spent the whole day happily splashing, but someone (Lobster Girl) was worried about Baba turning into Lobster Baby. He did spend a lot of time playing in the sand and water.

My other cousin, Britta, caught an enormous fish and was crowned the fisherperson (must be politically correct, you know) of the weekend. We catch a lot of fish off the end of the dock.

The only problem is they are tiny! But they still put a good fight and we are always excited to land one of the "big" fish (you should have seen the one that got away!). Our favorite bait isn't leeches or worms or nightcrawlers. Our favorite bait is canned corn! There is something about canned corn that send the little fish into a tizzy.

The other benefit of corn is that your fingers don't get slimy when you bait the hook. The leeches we buy are purely for medicinal purposes.

Besides for seeing the biggest fish that calls Round Lake home, the other highlights of the weekend were, seeing Pirates of the Caribbean 2 and eating cake. Pirates was excellent and we have decided that Ditty and Poonch II are having a pirate themed weddding. They have yet to agree to this, but we are confident they will come around (or come about I should say. Must get used to the nautical terms and syntex).

More on the eating of the traditional cake tomorrow, it's bedtime for me!


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