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Friday, July 07, 2006

To the Lake I go!

Pay no attention to the stretch marks, please. It is bathing suit season you see. And I will preform the yearly ritual of removing my clothes down to a scanty swimsuit, my pale skin will reflect the sunlight and the layer of ozone (spf 75) will reflect any rays my pasty white skin cannot.

I will then outrun the deer flies, horse flies, house flies, dog flies, cat flies, bear flies, and mosquitos that Mother Nature intends to barrage me with and dive (gingerly get wet inch by inch until one of the aforementioned bugs takes a chunk out of my skin) into the warm (freezing cold!) lake water. A leisurely swim is in order.

After my swim, I will bask in the sun until I am a lovely shade of brown (until I am lobster girl). I will stick to my current diet (I will pig out on stuff I seldom allow myself) and everyone will say, "Gaft Girl, how slender you look. And to think Baba is only 16 months old" (no one will say anything about my weight, but will think, she looks kind of chunky). I will be proud of my post-baby figure (I will remained fully covered at all times).

We will escape the heat of the afternoon (heat being a relative term, this is Minnesota, you know) by having an intellectual conversation in the shade (playing cards, making stupid jokes, and getting drunk). After a leisurely meal full of good company and good conversation we will take one final trip around the lake and head off to an early bedtime (we will stay up way too late and get up way too early because a certain Baba doesn't realize that if you stay up late you sleep in late.)

I will return Monday. Unless I decide to hid from responsibilites and move to the cabin permanetly. Tempting.....

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