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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

You win some, you lose a lot more....

Softball night and we lose more than we win, which is wonderful! Someone's got to lose and I don't mind that it is my team night after night. (This constant losing, by the way, has got to be a fluke! We have some incredible players on our team, Poonch II, some girl who works upstairs (double paranthesis: at my place of employment there is the "upstairs" and the "downstairs" and, like east is east and so on, never the two shall meet. If you work upstairs you don't come downstairs to mingle. It's like two businesses in the same building), and some guy named Jim (and you don't mess around with Jim), among others, myself discluded from this list. Oh, if my senior seminar prof could see me know, I think she would cry at my sentence structure).

Anyway. To put it bluntly we are TERRIBLE. But if we were any good, I wouldn't play. I need a team that is totally cool with my fear of the ball (please note, I am not afraid of the ball on the ground - just in the air), and with me calling everyone "man". And I also need a team who thinks its funny that when we are down by, oh 9 or 10 or 11 runs, that I keep telling everyone that we have the other team just where we want them.

Poonch II has requested words be added to the dictionary so here goes.

tink - think
tink, tink - think hard
ops cream - ice cream
punny - funny
berry berry punny - very, very funny
hompster - a disgusting action
sow, pig, hompster - a really disgusting action, example: a large belch
seepy - tired
seepy dance - tired dance
boop - boat
pish - fish
pishing - fish
hungly - hungry
bunya - bunny
ba! - a noise made to scare wildlife

What am I missing?


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