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Friday, July 28, 2006

Hot enough fer ya?

While I was sitting and waiting (and waiting) for my interview this afternoon, every person who walked by (they were all, by the way, wearing jeans and I was lookin' the tool wearing a skirt and sweater) would ask, "Is it hot out?" Generally when the weather guy/gal says its going to be in the 90s, that's hot. In the upper 90s, that's even hotter. So to answer your question, "Yes, yes it is hot."

And I can't wait to sit outside in my garage all day tomorrow and enjoy the heat waiting for someone to purchase one of my treasures.

"Treasures! I've got treasures, here! Get 'em cheap!" It's too hot to think of something clever and/or cute to write. I need a nap. But, I did find out today that scholarships are decided and students are notified by August 1st, which by my calculations is coming up pretty quickly.

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