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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Let Them Eat Cake!

Cake, its a beautiful thing. To eat, to wear, to throw, to decorate, etc.

It is a long standing tradition in my family to eat cake without a fork. You just dive in, head first, and hope you don't get too much cake up your nose. There is nothing quite like cake boogers. Ahh, delicious.

Anyway, this particular family tradition started when I graduated from high school back in two thousand ought ought. My mom had left-over graduation cake which she didn't care to save (Ahh! The pain of my cake not being worth saving!) and knew no one would accept a simple piece of cake so humbly offered on a plate. So she broke out the forks and passed the cake around the circle of family and friends (including my then boyfriend, Zippy) and everyone dug in.

Britta decided to up the ante and dove in, face first. Not to be out done by someone so young, my father and uncle joined in. What choice did the rest of us have? Since then cake has been eaten without a fork.

"Gross!" you say? Why, not in the least. Do you know where that fork or plate was prior to being washed? I believe I saw the insert your favorite domesticated animal here licking leftovers off of it.


BOB said...

I <3 u! thanks for letting me catch up on things.

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