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Monday, July 24, 2006

The Farm

On Saturday we went to my grandma and grandpa's farm in beautiful (tiny) Stanchfield, MN. Baba had a blast! He loves tractors and cows (Moo!) and my grandparents love seeing him (and seeing me, too, of course). We got up early (way too early) Saturday morning and let Baba play until he started getting crabby. This is our favorite trick! Anytime we have a longish car ride ahead of us, we tire Baba out and then he usually sleeps for a good portion of the trip. Usually. If we don't wear him out first, then he just whines the whole trip. He has never been much of a napper (much to my dismay). From about 2 to 6 months he didn't nap at all. And to make matters worse, he wasn't sleeping through the night. Some people can get by with 3 to 5 hours of sleep, I am not one of them.

We got to Grammy's around 10ish and it was already quite warm (I like global warming in the winter - who am I to complain about balmy winters? - I just don't like when it gets above 85 or so). Poopsquirt (I've always called my dad "Poopsquirt" and I'd hate to break tradition now), Poonch II, Ditty, Zippy, and Baba went for a nature walk (my dad wanted to show Poonch II his deer stand). I couldn't go. I choose fashion over practicallity and wore flip-flops.

After touring the country side, we had lunch (Baba had a hot dog bun, half a veggie burger, some baked beans, and lots and lots of fruit - he's 16 months and can already out eat me) and then let Baba tear around the farm. His Auntie Ditty took him in the barn and let him look at the cows. The barn smelled especially sweet because of the heat. Baba tried to climb into the cow pen, but judging by the amount of manure on the otherside of the fence, we opted not to let him play with the cows.

His very proud great-grandpa took him for a tractor ride. The only time my grandpy has ever been speechless was when I told him that Baba's middle name was going to be Harold, which is my grandpa's first name. My grammy said he started crying, he was so touched. I love my grandparents. And I love the farm. Someday, I'm going to have a hobby farm with 3 fainting goats (Zebulon, Isaac, Thadeous), 2 sheep (Pete and Re-Pete), a horse (Please, Zippy can I have a horse? Just one juicy little horse?), and other animals as I see fit.

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